Fastest Route Finder

Stoppage Time only : Stoppage Time and Arrival Window constraint :

   1: Addresses should not exceed 40.
   2: Each line should represent only one address.
   3: First line address should represent starting point.
   4: Addresses should be entered in the following format: street, city, state zip {x} where x represents in minutes
       stoppage time at location.
   5: If no time is specified, program assumes zero minutes
   6: Example of an address with 5 minutes of stoppage time is:2178 E Villa Street, Suite A, pasadena, CA 91107  {5}
   7: "#" sign can not be used in the address line.
   8: "Sample" list of addresses cannot exceed 10.
   7: Accordingly, free routing information will only be provided to the first 10.


Computed Data: